School Supplies List Giving Parents Headaches

"Kaci, you need one large three ring binder."

Ah...the back to school aisle. A place Conni Willeford is more than familiar with. She has two daughters, a fifth and second grader, both who have school supply lists that make life a little harder this time of year.

"I'm buying for two kids so I have to look at what they want versus the price and we just have to compromise."

Conni says this year is more frustrating than ever before. The lists are bigger and so is the price tag they ring up.

"With the backpacks, it's easily two hundred dollars- gone, just that quick," Conni says.

To prepare for the back to school money crunch, Conni says she and her husband have cut out entertainment and eating out for the next several months, sacrifices she doesn't mind making for her family.

"I spend all this money for my kids, but now in the back of my mind, I'm asking, who am I actually supplying school supplies for," Willeford.

Conni says the supplies lists tell the kids not to put their names on several of the items like binders, construction paper, and pencils so they can all be put together and distributed to the entire class.

"I can see it going into piles and then they toss it out to all the kids. It's not that I mind helping, I don't. I just wish they would ask. The way they're doing it, I feel like I'm being tricked. I don't mind donating, but when it comes right down to it, I've got my three kids to worry about," Conni says.

Another worry to add to the list? Being "cool" on a budget.

"I hear it every time: "Mom, I want one! I want spider man!" They always want the cool things, well we can't, we just can't. It is beyond frustrating, you know it's coming, you resign yourself to do it, and you give what you can."

Reporting: Braid Sharp