Texans angry over cruise ship experience

On Sunday, the cruise ship 'Carnival Triumph' had an engine room fire while the vessel was sailing approximately 150 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The fire was contained to the aft engine room. There were no casualties or injuries to guests or crew.

Some Texans who have been on the cruise line in the past four weeks say the Triumph had persistent problems while they were passengers.

Elizabeth Williams of Liberty City had hoped a carnival cruise would have been the memory of a lifetime for her and her disabled Vietnam veteran husband, Jack.

"He hasn't traveled anywhere but Vietnam and I wanted it to be something memorable to him," she says.

But she says things went wrong from the beginning on the Triumph, two weeks ago.

"They said we've got this problem we can't go full speed the sea might be too rough, no short excursions that most people want to do," Elizabeth says.

Another passenger, Donna Williams of Grand Prairie, said there were long delays. The ship only made one port in 5 days, was in ill repair, and had propulsion problems.

"We didn't even leave port until close to 9:00. It was really late. They advised us that we would be going to only one port instead of the two that we have paid to go to," she says.

"I'm appalled that they would send it out and put this many people in jeopardy," Elizabeth says.

And they say they will now go elsewhere to take a cruise.

Carnival Cruise Lines released the following statement regarding today's engine fire:

"The ship's technical crew is continuing to assess the damage and attempting to restore power. In the meantime, a tugboat is being dispatched to the ship's location in the event it is needed. All appropriate authorities including U.S. Coast guard have been notified."

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