Let's Go Fishing With Barry

Bass tournament fishing, one of the fastest growing sports today in america and with the growth comes controversy, you may know that the bass master classic is this friday, saturday and sunday in charlotte, north carolina and a new world champion bass angler will be crowned on sunday...well the folks at another tournament series called the wal-mart flw outdoors series says no, their tour championship tourney on august 11 thru 14 will crown the world champ. So you make the call, bass master's champ get a check for $200,000, the flw champ receives a $500,000 payday. At any rate we have a lot of east texans competing in both, five team skeeter pro's to be exact in the classic, by the way anglers can fish both and although no one has ever won both, that would certainly make that person the undisputed champion of bass fishing. The classic this weekend will be on espn and you can check bassmaster.com for daily results. Ok lets look at a few lakes:

Lake Tyler

Lightly stained at 84 degrees with black bass fair to good early on top waters, midday switching to crankbaits and carolina rigs. Crappie are fair on minnows over brushpiles. Catfish fair on cutbait.

Lake Palestine

Lightly stained at 84 degrees with black bass fair to good on white/chartreuse buzzbaits and torpedoes early and late midday switching to Carolina rigs and jig-n-pigs. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs over brushpiles. Hybrid striper and white bass fair on live shad and tailhummers.

Lake Fork

Lightly stained at 88 degrees with black bass slow to fair on white frank johnson buzzbaits and scum frogs fished early and late. Switch to wacky rigs and carolina rigs in watermelon seed midday, fish slow. Rattletraps and dd-22 crankbaits are working over main lake points and humps. Crappie fair to good on minnows and wally marshall turbo tail jigs over brushpiles and around bridge columns.

Lake O' The Pines

Clear water at 86 degrees A foot high with black bass good on tennessee shad deep diving crankbaits and smoke french fries off points and in coves. Schooling bass are good on chrome rat-l-traps. Crappie are fair on minnows and jigs in 18ft over brushpiles. Catfish food on trotlines with bloodbait.

Join me this Saturday and Sunday on East Texas Angler as I test Mr. Mark Scirto's angling. We had a great time and caught some nice bass. If the rains persist the lakes might change a little. As we say in our skeeter boats, eat, sleep and fish. I'm Barry Hanson, see you on the water.