A Grove full of twins

A Grove full of twins

UNION GROVE, TX (KLTV) - Pretty much all of us went to school with a set of twins or two, but there is a school district in East Texas with more twins than even they realized. In fact, there are twins in every grade except for fifth and ninth.

We visited Union Grove Independent School District to get a head count. The Superintendent said there were 13 sets, but when we arrived at their library the grand total was 14.

There's Tiffany and Sarah, Addison and Allison, Faith and Grace, Kaleb and Ian, Carsyn and Olivia, Noah and Jared, Dane and Jaxon, Dalton and Dylan, Kortney and Kymberly, Ryan and Riley, Meagan and Morgan, Heather and Haven, Jason and Justin, and Mikala and Nikalos. The oldest are also the only boy/girl combo.

Some of them play those twin games.

"We used to change classes if someone knew the test better than the other one. We used to get away with a lot of stuff," Justin Osborne admitted.

"One time we switched chairs," said Dane White.

"What happened?" I asked him.

"I got caught," he answered.

"That was the end of that, I guess," I concluded.

"Yes," Dane said.

"When we were in elementary school he got in trouble one time. We used to be dressed alike, and the office caught him on tape, and both of us went to the office and sat in the office for three hours because they didn't know which did what. Finally he got tired of and was like, all right, this is boring. I did it, and my dad got a phone call saying he couldn't send us dressed alike in school again," said Justin Osborne, one of the twins.

"We like to read a lot, and we draw sometimes," said Meagan McGee.

"And we dance in public," confessed her sister Morgan.

Some twin's parents get their names turned around even if they don't look alike. Mom had Grace's bangs trimmed so she looked different than Faith.

Some like similar things, but Justin is athletic while Jason plays guitar.

"So you have to deal with his bass?" I asked Justin.

"Right," he replied.

"And he has to deal with your muscles?"

"Yes," Justin laughed.

For the most part, twins are pretty much like any siblings except for one thing: Once upon a time they shared a room for nine months.

Union Grove residents apparently believe in double occupancy.

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