East Texas Girls Taking Roller Hockey To New Heights

For three Tyler girls, their hobby is leading them all the way to the Junior Olympics. Roxann Wyley and sisters Aubrey and Ashley Richards were invited to be a part of national teams, playing next week at the Junior Olympics in St. Louis.

"We went to Florida with this team," explains Ashley, "and they asked us to go. And we were like, 'yeah,'" she says, smiling. &quo

The girls were found through their travel teams and the recommendation of other players. Now, the three are getting ready for another game on the road.

"I like to travel," Aubrey says, "And I like to play travel hockey

"It's a big tournament, that's the way I look at it," Ash

Even after years of practice, the invitations came as a surprise for the girls' parents.

"We've just played before because we love it," explains mom Chrissy Richards. "And there's a possibility my girls could go to college and play college hockey, but no, I had never thought of the possibility of them going to the Ju

So now these three girls will represent East Texas on the national stage.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.