Doctor And Wife Headed To Amazon

Dr. Sanford Ladage and his wife are preparing for a trip overseas in just a few days. It's not a vacation. In fact the two, along with about 20 others, will spend 10 days in the Amazon. Their mission is to give the villagers in the Amazon, the medical care they desperately need.

Dr. Sanford Ladage has been to the Amazon twice before. He was one of two doctors, caring for hundreds of people. "They have no fresh water. They drink out of the lake and cook out of the lake. They're contaminating themselves from time to time, "says Dr. Ladage.

Dr. Ladage and his wife are set to leave again this Saturday with a group from the First Baptist church in Terrell.

Toinette Ladage says she'll never forget her first trip to the Amazon. "The first day we saw an 18 month old little girl that had abscesses. I think there were maybe like 9 of them around her eyes and in her hair," says Toinette.

Once Dr. Ladage removed the abscesses, they say the little girl stayed to watch them work.

"It is sad but it's very rewarding and very fulfilling because you feel like that you have been able to help some people that would not have been helped before," says Toinette.

The mission volunteers pay for all of their own expenses and even help to pay for the supplies they will need. The Ladage's say their work in the Amazon is a calling. "You go down there and you see these mal-nourished children, small, thin with sores all over them," says Dr. Ladage. "I just think the Lord has told me to do this. He's given me talent to be a doctor."

The mission group the Ladage's are going with include dentists, pharmacists and even people to help with Vacation Bible School for the kids.

Dr. Ladage plans to go on a fourth mission trip to China in October.

Amy Tatum, reporting.