Local Congressman Skips DNC

If you're a democrat the place to be this week is Boston, for the Democratic National Convention, unless you're Congressman Max Sandlin.

"I could either be here in Tyler trying to save 500 jobs at Tyler Pipe, or I could be up in Boston at a fancy party having a good time," says Congressman Sandlin.

Congressman Sandlin bypassed the convention this year to pound the pavement and shake hands in East Texas, trying to win your support in his upcoming race against Republican Louis Gohmert.

"I wanted to spend time here working with East Texans on jobs, health care and education and prescription drugs rather than a nice party in Boston," say the Congressman.

He says staying close to the people he represents is his only objective.

"I try to do what's right and vote for the right things for the country and the state and my constituents regardless of political persuasion," he adds.

Whether eating with his constituents, or meeting the men and women making his campaign signs, he says he wants to spend his time in East Texas, not at a political party that isn't focused on East Texas issues and ideals.

"We need a different direction in this country, and the people are rising up and saying we're going to take control of out government again. A government of the people, for the people, by the people," says Congressman Sandlin.

We called Gohmert's campaign office to find out if he will be attending the Republican National Convention. A staffer told us he was undecided.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.