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Mariemont debate continues over Eastern Corridor Project


A proposed expressway could run straight through the Village of Mariemont.

A popular 80 acre park would also be affected, leaving residents very upset.

The Eastern Corridor Project is a $1.4 billion proposed roadway designed to ease traffic congestion, improve air quality, and according to officials, provide a better way for people to get from the east side of town to downtown Cincinnati.

The total cost is estimated at $1.4 billion, with millions of dollars in state money already secured.

Those in favor of the project argue the new highway would make it much easier to get from Cincinnati's east side to downtown and ease traffic congestion on other highways.

However, opponents disagree with the placement of the project, saying Mariemont's historic district should not be changed. They also feel it would destroy their property values and quality of life.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says the project is still a proposal. They plan to hear all public comments from the communities they visit before making a final decision.

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