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USPS: 'We're losing approximately $25 million a day'


It's news that's been a long time coming and as of Wednesday, the Postmaster General made it official. Beginning the week of August 5, mail will no longer be delivered on Saturdays.

Packages will still be delivered and P.O. Boxes will still get Saturday mail, but letters will no longer be carried to homes and businesses.

The service change is the United States Postal Service's most recent attempt to save the financially struggling organization.

The cuts are expected to save USPS $2 billion each year. That's just a dent in the $15.9 billion loss the postal service suffered in 2012 alone.

"We're losing approximately $25 million a day and this decision, in part, is to help try to bring us back to financial stability. We can no longer sustain those kind of losses," says USPS Spokesperson Dionne Montague.

The post office says their own research shows 7 in 10 Americans support their service changes.
Those post offices that are currently open on Saturdays will remain open, supporting recent growth in package delivery. USPS has seen a 14 percent increase in package shipping since 2010.

"That is part of the reason we are going to continue to deliver on Saturdays. Plus, we want to make sure that we're able to get any medicines or special deliveries delivered on a Saturday," Montague says.

As far as letters, greeting cards and bill payments are concerned, USPS suggests customers adjust their schedules accordingly to get everything delivered on time. The postal service says they've found most businesses that collect bills are closed on Saturdays anyway, so they say the impact on those businesses and their customers should be minimal.

Last year, the postal service tried to save money by making a series of cutbacks in their post office hours. That resulted in 13,000 employees losing their full-time employment status, 9,000 of which also lost their benefits.

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