Nyce Legs: "Does It Work?"

Get the look of nylons without the hassle. We couldn't wait to test hosiery in a can. And Lynn Jones was the brave soul who volunteered to help us out.

"Oh, my gosh," said Lynn reacting to the cold mist coming out of the can. But a quick rub-in to even out the spray, and within 10 seconds it's completely dry. We'll compare legs (the one with and the one without) in just a second, but first, per instructions, Lynn needs to wash her hands with soap and water. It's the only thing, according to the can, that can remove the Nyce Legs formula from your skin. It came off just fine.

Now, let's take a look at those legs.  The right leg is the one with Nyce Legs. The left is au natural. You can really see the difference when we move in closer. No offense to Lynn, but any uneveness in skin tone completely disappears on the right leg... a nice smooth, even matte finish, almost like she is wearing hose. And she's able to wear sandles.

And how's it feel? "I cannot feel anything," says Lynn.

The can says it covers spider veins, scars and blemishes. Turns out, Lynn has an old childhood scar on the other leg. Let's shake it up again and try it on the second leg of our test. And... "I was surprised, very surprised. I would use it.  It just gives it a smooth finish to me. It just makes it even."

We had a couple more things we had to do. Nyce Legs is supposed to be waterproof for rain, swimming, even surfing. But it didn't completely pass our water spray bottle test. "Looks like it came off." Just a little bit came off on the paper towel, but it was enough to cause problems if you're wearing a light colored dress or something. And even dry, some of it rubbed off on a bed sheet, another thing it's not supposed to do. "Some of it came off there," says Lynn. "And definitely if you're surfing, it's coming off."

And the scar? "Yeah, I don't think it covered up the scar all that much. It's still there." We thought we were headed straight toward a "maybe" on this "Does It Work?" product. But Lynn surpised us. Despite a few shortcomings... "I think it works. I mean, I would definitely get it. I think it really works."

She loves the way it looks, and loves the way it doesn't feel. "Does It Work?"  We give Nyce Legs a "yes."

One can of Nyce Legs is equivalent to 5 pairs of hose. A can will cost you 19.99.  It's available online at this link.