Tire Care Crucial During Summer Months

A recent accident in Van Zandt County involving a church bus, is serving as an important reminder to drivers. The Department of Public Safety Reports show the 15 passenger van blew a left rear tire earlier this month, causing it to flip. More than a dozen people had to be taken to the hospital.

A few simple precautions could keep the same thing from happening to you. For many, summertime is a time to hit the road, but hot temperatures can cause problems for your car's tires.

Jeff Billings, who owns Billings Tire Company in Tyler, said tire maintenance is an important part to staying safe.

"You should be concerned about your tires 12 months a year, not just during the summer months," he said.  "But, it is more crucial during the summer because of the excessive temperatures of the roadways especially here in Texas."

Billings recommends checking the pressure in your tires at least once a month. You should also get them rotated every 6,000 miles. And that's just with normal driving.

"Anytime you're gonna take a long trip, especially in the summer when the roads are so hot, check the air pressure in your tires as well as everything under the hood." he said.

A little care can go a long way to keeping you safe.

"It's easy to ignore your tires because you just take them for granted, you get in your car and if it rolls away from where you are, you're satisfied," he said "We're all in too big of a hurry to stop and check your tires the way you should for proper maintenance."

Billings said his shop and most other tire shops provide tire maintenance for free.

Chris Gibson, reporting