TISD Outlines Phase One Of New Bond Proposal

For the first time, voters in Tyler, know how much they could be paying for the first phase of the $387-million school bond package.

At a special school board meeting Tuesday night, the public was presented the details from the first of four phases of a school bond, that will eventually provide for the construction or renovation of all TISD campuses. Here is how phase one breaks down.

Six elementary schools will be replaced.  Those are: Bell, Ramey, Bonner, Austin, Douglas and Peete. A new school, referred to as the Rice/Owens relief campus, will be built on land purchased by the school district in South Tyler. The asking price for these six campuses is $95,975,800.

Here's how that money breaks down school by school. Construction on the first three schools will begin in 2005. Bell elementary will kick things off at $12,044,000. Next are Ramey and the Rice/Owens campus at $12,355,00 and $16,997,000 million respectively.

Then comes Bonner, Austin and Douglas. Construction on those three will begin in 2006. Bonner will cost $12,850,000 million, Austin $12,327,000 and Douglas $15,720,000 million. The last campus involved in Phase One will be Peete elementary. Construction on that school is set to begin in early 2007 with a cost of $10,826,000 million.

The total numbers represent all costs associated with demolition and construction of a new facility. TISD hopes to formally approve the election order at next week's meeting. If approved, it would be on the November ballot.

Chris Gibson, reporting