Better East Texas: Fiscal Cliff

The country largely avoided the fiscal cliff at the beginning of the year but part of the recipe for success was that Congress and the willing president kicked the can down the road on spending cuts for government programs.

Now, what we did see on January one was an expiration of the Bush-era cuts to Social Security funding and every working American's contribution to Social Security going back up by several percentage points.  So now it is time for the President and congress to get serious about cutting spending, but instead of working towards a permanent solution, the president is asking for an extension beyond the March 1 deadline, once again, kicking the can down the road.

The president and congress are no closer than they were on December 30th and our fragile economy hangs in the balance.  It is time to reduce spending and yes it will hurt some people and yes, some will have to do with less than they are used to but it has to happen.  As a country, the math or continuing to spend more than we bring does not work any longer.

So watch closely, the negotiations in the coming weeks and see if there is true regard for responsibility or if the "cloud or crisis", as the president puts it, will remain over our nation's capitol.  The people of America must demand a solution and not a band-aid.  And that will make for a Better East Texas.

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