Better East Texas: Boy Scouts

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The supreme court has already ruled that the Boy Scouts have a right to exclude homosexuals from leadership and membership.

Just like the court has ruled in favor of states deciding whether they want to recognize gay marriage.  So it has already been determined that it is legal for the scouts to follow their current policy.

Now, the scouts are bowing to pressure from sponsors, corporate underwriters and political groups to revise their policy.  If they do it, it will change scouts forever and perhaps it will doom the Boy Scouts of America.

Now again, the highest court in the land has ruled the policy is OK but if the scouts revise the policy, it will probably follow that many churches that sponsor and host scout meetings and troops will refuse to support them moving forward.  And that is certainly the right of the churches to do so, but it will change the scout organization if that happens.

So the B-S-A is in a tough spot – keep the current policy and risk losing funding that has, already, been shrinking in recent years, or amend policy and risk losing much of the base of their infrastructure.  Neither option results in a situation where what is lost can be easily replaced.

Whether you are in favor of the ban or not, it should disturb you that this is happening because a great organization will most likely compromise a core belief with the hope of reversing their economic situation and that weakens all organizations that stand for something.

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