What's next for Stewart Middle School?

We are making sure you  know the latest information about changes at local schools that could affect you and your family.

West Rusk I.S.D. officials have voted to create a police force to patrol their campuses.  This is a story we're continuing to follow to give you the most recent developments on a topic that concerns folks all across East Texas, as schools debate how to handle potential violence.  You'll hear from West Rusk school officials tonight at 10.  One of them is Tommy Alexander, the district's Superintendent.

We were there tonight as Tyler I.S.D. officials discussed what could happen to Stewart Middle school students if their building is turned into an alternative school.  Lexie Cook will explain the options discussed tonight in a new report.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will join us at 10 with a brand new forecast for you.  He'll explain everything that could affect the weather where you live.