La Gloria Union Workers Picket

Still a few days away from their potential strike date, union workers for La Gloria Oil and Gas Company were on the picket line Tuesday.
They gathered for what they called an "informational picket." The workers said they wanted the community surrounding the refinery to be aware of possible safety hazards that could arise if they go on strike.
The union said La Gloria plans to hire inexperienced workers to replace them, which could pose a safety threat.
"These folks many of them with 20 and 30 years of experience know how to handle the situations when they arise," said union representative John Anthony. "I guess our question is, if the company is attempting to run the refinery with inexperienced folks, just what will they know how to do if an emergency arises?"
 The current work contract expires midnight, Saturday, when workers said they're prepared to go on strike.

Story by Maya Golden,