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East Texas Boy Scouts councilman says anti-gay policy is a distraction


A group of Boy Scouts and their families turned in a petition on Monday to the Boy Scouts of America headquarters in Irving, TX.

That petition is asking the Boy Scouts to end a policy that bans gay scouts and leaders from the organization. 1.4 million people signed the petition, which was started by a woman who was banned from being her son's den mother because she's a lesbian.

The Boy Scouts announced last week that they are considering replacing the long-standing ban of gays with a policy that will let troop sponsors make their own decision on the issue. 

A representative of the East Texas Area Boy Scouts Council says they have no control or say in whether or not the ban is lifted. 

He says many concerned parents are calling the local Boy Scouts Council in Tyler and he simply has to tell them, "Until The Boy Scouts of America's National Board of Directors makes a decision, I have no information or details about any possible policy change."

He says the Boy Scout headquarters will not let him comment or give his opinion on the ban until a decision is made. 

The East Texas Area Boy Scouts representative says if it were up to him, this whole situation would already be taken care of because it is distracting from the real purpose of the organization, which is to serve children. 

He says anyone concerned about the ban needs to remember that purpose.

In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that The Boy Scouts has a constitutional right to oppose homosexuality in its ranks. 

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