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Gun sales super even on Super Bowl Sunday


Employees at Target World in Sharonville say guns sales have been like nothing they've ever seen before.

"You can't take away people's rights without people fighting back," says David Drury, a Target World employee.

The increase in sales started just after the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings.

"The boom has been pretty incredible. People are wanting to protect their rights while they have them and people are scared. They don't want their rights to be eroded," said Drury.

Because of that, even on the night of the Super Bowl, and even at kickoff time, Target World was packed with dozens showing up to look at buying a gun. The biggest seller is assault weapons.

"They just want to have that opportunity to be able to get whatever they can so that in the future they can have something that people can't get a hold of," he added.

When asked if they're able to keep them in stock he replied, "Not right now. In fact, the only ones we have up there are consignment pieces and they're asking outrageous prices for them."

In the retail business the month after Christmas is usually terrible. Not this year, not at Target World.

"I think a lot of people are using Christmas gifts and trading them back in for cash to get a rifle or a high capacity handgun because, again, it comes down to that right's awareness issue," said Drury. "People are afraid. And what do people do when they're afraid? They panic. This is called 'panic buying' when people come in to get whatever they can because of what's available."

"I know there's been some concern about the availability of high capacity magazines and I have some friends that have been stocking up based on that so we thought we'd come in and look around to see what all the hubbub is about," said customer Chris Perry.

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