Palestine proud of Adrian Peterson

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - In Palestine, the legend of Adrian Peterson began.

"His senior year, in three different games, on the opening play, he ran for a touchdown. It was just incredible."

Mayor Bob Herrington saw a lot of that.

As the high school public address announcer for 17 years, he had a glimpse at the makings, of a future NFL superstar.

"He was standings against the plate glass window, and I said 'Man, your future is so bright, I cant wait to watch you along the way.' said Herrington. "He has gone beyond what I could have ever imagined."

Plenty of others saw it as well.

"People always enjoyed it. People would come from Dallas and Houston, they had heard about him," said Suzanne Eiben, who sports an autographed Peterson jersey and pictures in the PISD administration building.

"If Palestine was in town, they would say, 'let's go by and see this kid,' " said Herrington.

10 years later, they're still watching in amazement.

Less than a year after blowing out his knee, Peterson fell just 9 yards short of the all time, single season rushing record.

"It is remarkable to see him comeback in the manner that he has, and being so close to that record was something we all hoped for him," said Eiben.

But there may be reason to rejoice tomorrow.

Peterson is a favorite to win the NFL's most valuable player award.

"Hey, we could not ask for anything more, he has represented this town as well as could be expected," said Herrington.

"Often times when you say Palestine, people are like, 'Oh, from Adrian.'So it is a big deal for us, people are proud," said Eiben

If he wins, expect the city, where it all began, to continue adding to the legend of Adrian Peterson.

"We will come up with something, that is a huge honor and it is deserving of some recognition, you bet," said Herrington.

The NFL will announce their awards tomorrow.

Peterson is also a leading candidate for the Comeback Player of the Year award as well.

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