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Couple shows religion no reason to pass on tipping

A Virginia woman, moved by a Sunday school story on service and those who serve, gave an unsuspecting waitress a tip she will never forget. (Source: Julia Davis) A Virginia woman, moved by a Sunday school story on service and those who serve, gave an unsuspecting waitress a tip she will never forget. (Source: Julia Davis)

(RNN) - Not everyone who dines in restaurants stiffs their servers - gratuity included or not.

The story about the St. Louis pastor whose comments on a credit card receipt went viral created a debate about whether religion should have been used to insult a server who is just trying to earn a living.

Moreover, the note left by a pastor prompted many to leave derogatory comments on social media forums on a whole group of people - namely churchgoing people - based on the fault of one.

Julia Davis, a mother of two and a practicing Christian, read the original story on Facebook and was disheartened by the comments left by readers.

On Jan. 27, days before the infamous receipt went viral, Davis and her husband went to their local Applebee's to celebrate her birthday. They were greeted by a friendly server and between placing their order and receiving their food, Davis' husband asked the server if there was anything she needed prayer for.

"She was caught off guard, and I was a little as well by his impulsive question," said Davis in an e-mail.

The server was hesitant, but Davis said the server came back and told them her story, filled with obstacles and attempts to improve her life while being a mother of small children.

"I really connected with her," Davis said. "I very much understand the struggles of balancing in this stage of parenting."

The couple agreed to keep her in their prayers and went on to have a great birthday celebration. Davis felt she was compelled by her faith to do something more than simply pray for the server.

"I decided to leave her a $100 tip, along with a note encouraging her and letting her know we'd keep praying for her," Davis said.

In a phone interview, Davis said she is blessed with money not to spend on her selfish needs, but to be able to help others the best she and her husband can.

The golden rule of "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you" is a motto that fuels the Davis' charitable and giving heart.

"I share this not because I want any glory at all to come to me about this," said Davis, who initially asked not to be named. "I want all the glory to go to God, letting the world know what Jesus really would do in this situation."

Davis and her husband, "have a servant's heart. Their giving is a testament to their character and their faith," said Dr. Rob Edwards, the couple's pastor.

Davis said she will continue to be a passionate giver based on her beliefs and faith.

She believes that we are all able to help those in need, and as long as she is able, she will give in keeping with her faith.

"Each person is special and unique, and as a Christian, I believe that we are all human and make mistakes, but are valuable and worthy," said Davis.

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