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Smith County Sheriff: why gun control measures won't work


On Friday, Smith County's Sheriff spoke to East Texans about why he believes the recently proposed gun control measures will not work.

Sheriff Larry Smith joined Grassroots America We The People in a pledge to stand for the Second Amendment and the U.S. Constitution. 

President Barack Obama's efforts to reduce gun violence has created a lot of controversy here in East Texas. 

"When someone used to mention gun control to me, and I was a firearms instructor with ATF, and gun control to me is to get the proper stance and proper grip and make sure you hit what you're shooting at. I think that's the only kind of gun control we should ever have to talk about," Sheriff Smith said. 

The President's plan to reduce gun violence includes proposals that need approval from Congress as well as actions he can do on his own.

"The answer to America's problems with all the violence is not related to gun control whatsoever; It's related to a broken society. Make sure we enforce all the laws that are on the books now, before we go and try to enact other laws," Sheriff Smith said. 

The sheriff also commented on the East Texas school districts who have approved authorized faculty and staff carrying guns on campus.

"I'm not against it, but with the proper training. But how do you provide the proper training that is required to safely and effectively be able to use a firearm around children and at the same time keep up your annual education hours that you need to do to teach our children?" Smith said. 

It is a heated debate, but those who attended Friday's event said they stand by the sheriff.

"You better believe I stand with that sheriff and I loved it when he said if we find out the feds are coming, he's going to meet them at the county line. We're going to be right behind him supporting him," said Rosalie Howerton. 

Grassroots of America, We The People have another "call to action" meeting scheduled for next Friday at the Lakeview Church of the Nazarene. The program is scheduled to begin at noon. 

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