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VA thief steals $80 from toddler's piggy bank

Mom holds Avery, the child whose piggy bank was stolen Mom holds Avery, the child whose piggy bank was stolen

What does it say when thieves resort to stealing from children?

Police in Chesterfield , VA are looking for a piggy bank thief who took money, jewelry, and pills in broad open daylight.

"You feel really violated and kind of sick to your stomach," said Saia Griffith who is still shaken after robbers trashed her home in search of quick cash.

"Our window was completely shattered," said Griffith. "You can see the blinds are broken."

When the crooks realized they couldn't get through the window they kicked in the back door.

The thieves left with pills and jewelry, but not before smashing the baby's piggy bank. They took taking the $80 little 2-year-old Avery had been saving.

There was another break-in in the same subdivision on January 19.

"There is not a need for alarm," said Lt. Grohowski. "We are not seeing a major trend anywhere."

But this is one robbery too many for a family that just moved in three weeks ago.

"It was awful," said Griffith. "It really made me feel really violated and just sad that somebody felt like that had to come in and smash a toddler's piggy bank for a few bucks."

Police need help finding the piggy bank thief. If you have any information, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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