New Orleans hotel offering pricey drinks for Super Bowl week

NEW ORLEANS (CNN) - Anyone heading to the Super Bowl in New Orleans can expect to pay big bucks for a hotel room, but the drinks are pretty pricey too.

Like thousands of dollars pricey. Don't believe it?

The Windsor Court Hotel is offering a drink package for a whopping $10,000. That's a lot to swallow. The "Key to the City" is rare D'Oliveiras Malvasia 1907 Madeira, poured over crushed ice in a julep glass and garnished with fruit

But the drink isn't all you get.

"The 10,000 cocktail," says Sarah Kavanaugh, sommelier at the Windsor Court Hotel. "It's the key to the city, so it includes a two nights stay on a future visit in the penthouse at the Windsor Court and it also includes dinner in the grill room, it includes city tours, spa treatments."

Don't want to spend that much? Try a sazerac cocktail. That will only set you back $2,000 dollars. That drink also comes with a one-night hotel stay, spa treatments and dinner.

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