Better East Texas: State tax rebates

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Governor Rick Perry has proposed something very unique in state politics and while the prospect of it happening is slim, it is certainly progressive.  Perry has proposed that all unspent taxes collected at the state level be returned to the citizens of Texas.  Now, before we go any further, we need to remember that Governor Perry is in a sort of political rehab and will face serious challenge if he chooses to run again after his current term is up.  So he is in need of a notable political victory to repair his image with many voters.  So enter this proposal to the state legislature to amend the state constitution and allow for unspent taxes to be returned.  While this would make a significant political statement and would most likely attract an audience beyond our state's borders, I believe it is a poor idea and short-sided in thought.  Our state has a balanced budget requirement that forces lawmakers to pass a balanced budget, we don't need political pressure from a potential tax rebate plan to impact funding receivers such as education, or roads and transportation or other vital state services.  Our representatives are challenged enough to balance the budget and they typically do a good job of it.  If more taxes are collected than budgeted because of a robust economy, then we need to have unfunded priorities considered or put the money into the rainy day fund.  So Governor Perry needs to find another outlet for making a statement affecting his political future and leave the Texas constitution as is.  Our teachers, our schools, our kids and other state services need an improved budget to make Texas even better and that will make for a Better East Texas.