Kids Cast In Longview Theatre Production

Celebrating their 39th year, the Longview Community Theatre's production of the "King and I", required a small army of kids to play the King of Siam's many children... And they cast 50 Longview kids for the roles. For many it was their first chance at acting, and acting. Hopefuls from 3 to 14 made up the king's 50 children.

"It feels really fine when the crowd is applauding you, it feels good" says 9-year-old Pine Tree student actress Jamie Vickers.

Some, like 12-year-old Trace Pope whose been in numerous school productions, are already making plans for a career in show business.

"I plan to be on Broadway when I grow up. I'd really like to do that its a lot of fun" says Pope.

Many want to just include it in a busy future.

"I hope to be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer and an actress" says Vickers. Still others aren't that impressed with acting. The kids were chosen out of hundreds who auditioned and had to undergo lavish costume changes as well as strict coreographed dance numbers.

"These kids get a little unruly but all daddy's got to say is "quiet quiet" and they calm down they're great kids" said Michael Davidson who plays the king of Siam.

The musical has 3 more showings, Friday and Saturday night at 8 pm and Sunday at 2:30 pm.

Bob Hallmark reporting.