"Project Lifesaver" To Help Parents

A new tool is helping East Texas families keep track of their special needs children.

It's called Project Lifesaver. It's basically a wristband equipped with a small tracking device.

Christi Britton and her 13-year-old son Jared are one of the first families in East Texas to take part in the program. Jared, who has Downs Syndrome, is fitted with the wristband, giving police the ability to know where he is at all times. In the past, the system has been used for Alzheimer patients, but Christi said it's perfect for her child, who has a tendency to wander off.

"That was the biggest thing I wanted to have (the bracelet) before he went to Camp Heyday, because it's out at Camp Tyler and there is like 300 plus acres of wooded territory. Plus all the waterfront and these things are findable in the water, so I know if he gets away from his sponsor and we can't locate him that we will have a way to find him."

The "Arc of Tyler" is providing the $250 wristband to the Britton family for free. They hope to place 10 others with families by the end of the year.

Chris Gibson, reporting