Henderson Charitable Organization Burglarized

Police say the "meals on wheels" office in Henderson was broken into on Monday and Tuesday night, with burglars taking more than 400-dollars in donations of cash and checks.

"It hurts the senior citizens , people who can't afford to buy their own meals it hurts people we serve , we live off donations" says site manager Sandra Hodge.

The burglars even took the ready to eat meals intended for the elderly in the community. The organization delivers 150 meals a day, and many of the workers want to know why someone would do something like this.

"I wonder if they stopped to think that maybe we're feeding some of their own relatives" says volunteer Miriam Desormeaux.

The money stolen also funded the centers' purchase of the vitamin drink ensure , which they provide at a discount rate to the elderly... and they have a message for those who stole from them.

"They ought to be ashamed of themselves, I hope they see this and have a conscience and feel bad... They're taking from people that really need it" says Hodge.

Police have no suspects in the case. The good news is the center received nearly 500 dollars in donations today.

Bob Hallmark reporting.