Drugs, Prostitution Sting In Tyler

Tyler police said it's one of the largest sting operations for the city in years. Tyler police arrested several women, accusing them of prostitution and many for selling drugs.  The sting centered around what police say is a high prostitution area, where Highway 69 intersects with Loop 323.
  Undercover officers targeted the women in the parking lots of area motels. Using unmarked vehicles, police say some of the women offered to sell drugs and sexual favors to the officers.
Uniformed officers waited nearby for a signal and arrested the prostitutes.
  In all, 7 people were arrested in the sting:
  Leisa Erickson, Melissa Gates and Meredith Jaggers were arrested for prositution and delivery of a controlled substance.  Susan Hackathorn and Melanie Gill were arrested and charged with prostitution. 
  A man and a woman were also arrested for delivery of a controlled substance.
  Employees at hotels and businesses in the area that talked to KLTV, said drugs and prostitution have been a major problem for them.
  "If I see a problem I tell them they need to leave and all that," said Vic Patel manager of the Country Hearth Inn and Suites. "They will leave but they will come back. They don't understand and we have other properties around here and they go in and out on each properties.
  Patel said he has had meetings with Tyler police in the past. He said he welcomes police presence around their hotel.
  Tyler police say additional charges will be filed against two more suspects.

Maya Golden and Chris Gibson reporting.