Freedom Fighters: Bill Hillyer

Colonel George William Hillyer III, or Bill, as he's called, is a career Air Force officer, who has helped protect our country in war and in peace. When Hillyer graduated from Texas A & M in 1956, he planned to become a geologist. But a commission through the Air Force Reserve Program changed his earlier plans. Hillyer found he liked the service and decided to make a career of it.

Often racking up as many as 20 sorties a day flying his C-130, Hillyer moved troops, equipment and supplies in and out of Vietnam from 1964 through 1967, providing a critical lifeline for American troops.

When Hillyer retired in 1986, he had more than 8,600 flying hours to his credit, including 525 C-130 combat missions in Vietnam.

His awards are among the highest given in the Air Force.

Colonel Bill Hillyer, a man who for 30 years helped to preserve our freedom.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.