East Texan goes from HS coach to NFL player

Brownsboro native Lonnie Edwards wanted a career on an NFL field.

Four months ago he was on a field, just not a NFL one.

He was coaching at his alma mater in Brownsboro.

"I had started coaching a Brownsboro and I was doing with them, in the drills, and they were like 'why aren't you still playing?' And that put it in the back of my mind that I am going to try one more time," said Edwards. "Football is always in your blood."

It was then he decided to give it a shot.

Two months of phone calls and workouts followed.

Eventually it paid off.

Edwards was signed by the Denver Broncos in early January.

"It was really a dream," said Edwards. "Going in there and seeing all the guys that I grew up watching, it was a great experience."

"I feel like it was well deserved and it was an awesome experience."

It's left him with a chance to go from high school coach to NFL player, in just a few months.

"Just being overwhelmed with that blessing of being able to get into coaching, where most people (who get into coachin) that is where they kind of go," said Edwards. "But with God's help, he took me there."

Where he is now one step closer to moving from the high school field, to the NFL one.

Edwards says he has been contacted by several NFL teams, and that an offer could come, "any day now."

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