ETX woman returns diamond necklace from yard sale

Good afternoon, everyone! We hope you're all having a great day and getting prepared for what could be a busy weather day.

Here's some of what we're working on for you in the newsroom this afternoon:

First, a story that reaffirms our faith in the integrity of the human race. A Lufkin woman bought a necklace at a yard sale, and found when she cleaned it that six of the stones were genuine diamonds! The story gets better from here; make sure you join us for all the details at 4!

We'll also have a recap of this morning's ETX earthquake, and of course, the weather that is headed our way...rain and wind today, chilly weather tomorrow! Make sure to join Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto in the StormTracker7 Weather Center for updates at 4, 5, and 6. He'll keep you informed all day.

At 5, a follow-up on the Van explosion this morning wherein two 24-year-olds were smoking on top of oil storage tanks; one of the tanks exploded. Both people involved in the explosion were taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. We'll update you this evening.

We went to TJC today to find out more about the power outage that occurred during an SAT test administration this weekend. TJC officials say there was also a "small smoke scare" at the Genecov Science Building when the power went out. What they had to say this afternoon is coming your way at 6.

And our Shaley Sanders visited Ware Elementary School in Longview to check out their "Math Day" activities. Everyone in the school wore clothing with numbers on it, there was a Math Bowl competition, and tonight....Math Family Night. Sounds like a fun day, even for math-phobes!

Stay with us; we're keeping you updated throughout the afternoon as weather continues to change.

See you soon,

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