Longview Man Gets Trapped In Hot Car

A Longview man is thankful to be alive after being pinned in his car in the blazing heat of an East Texas afternoon. Friday, Larry Nelson was driving home from his second job, when he spilled a soda on his floorboard. He pulled over in a parking area on Highway 80 .

As he was down on the floorboard trying to clean up the mess, he tried to back up and then felt the power seat pinching down on him. His side was pressed against the power seat button. The more he moved, the more the seat squeezed him like a vice. Unfortunately, the father of four children had stopped where no one could hear him call for help.

"I knew that I was trapped. My last attempt to get out I tried to break my ribs but I couldn't, and you're thinking about every one of your kids and what its going to cost," Nelson says.

"The people at the hospital say he probably wouldn't have had another 30 minutes," said Nelson's wife Paula.

He struggled for 3 hours in the heat. Eventually he was so dehydrated, doctors say his kidneys were on the verge of failing. And then, a couple passing by thought Nelson's car belonged to a friend. When they pulled up, they discovered his dilemma.

"His legs were hanging on the ground and it just didn't look right , looked like he needed some help," said Kilgore resident James Darden.

"I said thank you God," said Nelson. James Darden and Gaylia Smith freed Nelson from the power seat. He was hospitalized for 5 days and is still showing the scars of his ordeal. He must undergo a month of physical therapy.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.