Local Business Makes Soccer Shirts Of Peace

"So I saved for a couple of years and then I quite my job on January 16th of this year," says new entrepreneur Jed Turman.

That was a very important day in Turman's life; it was the day he said goodbye to his nine to five and hello to something he'd dreamed of for years... starting his own company.

"We all have one life to live and I think life is too short to be doing something that you don't enjoy doing," says Turman.

A former videographer, Jed now sells soccer themed apparel. He's a one man band so to speak. Every graphic and design is from his mind and put on the shirts by his hands.

"I buy the shirt stock and I do all the printing. I make the shirts. They're my original design. On a good print day of one design, we can get two to three hundred of them out."

And in less than a year, it's already paying off.

"'Euro-Sport Magazine,' which is the largest retailer of soccer related goods in the world, has expressed interest in carrying Soccadellic, and locally Racket and Jog is carrying Soccadelic,"

But he says his company is about more than selling shirts to turn a profit. It's about helping people find common ground and ultimately peace.

"The shirts express my philosophy, that somehow, since the world loves soccer so fervently, there must be some common bond there that can bring about peaceful understanding between cultures and nations," says Turman.

While it may take a while to reach the entire world with soccer, it may not be so long before Soccadelic reaches a new level.

"Soccadelic is kinda a weird name. A lot of people when I first say it are like, 'Socca what?' But I want it to be a name that is common, you know like you could see kids wearing it in the mall and on the backs of international teams. I want Soccadelic to be a household name," Turman.

Reporting: braid sharp bsharp@kltv.com