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Blumenthal wants bill to require instant background checks on ammunition


U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal is expected to propose legislation before the end of the month that would require instant background checks on all sales of ammunition.

In a statement Tuesday, Blumenthal said currently anyone can go to the store and purchase ammunition without being submitted to a background check.

Blumenthal added that even if the store wanted to run a background check on a person, it could not because the Federal Bureau of Investigation only has a database setup for firearm purchases.

The proposed Ammunition Background Check Act of 2013 would also allow gun dealers to use the current FBI database for ammunition purchases when conducting background checks.

Teflon-coated bullets and incendiary ammunition would be banned as well through the proposed Ammunition Background Check Act of 2013.

"Both of these kinds of ammunition can defeat body armor, and pose a grave danger to law enforcement," Blumenthal said in statement. "They should be banned."

The act would also "would reestablish, record keeping and reporting requirements on ammunition sales."

Blumenthal said in the statement that the act would hopefully make gun sellers comply with regulations and help with solving cases in gun crimes.

Under current laws, the following groups of people cannot purchase firearms:

  • Felons
  • Fugitives
  • Drug addicts
  • People deemed "mentally defective" by a court, or committed to a mental institution
  • Persons under a protective order for, or convicted of, domestic abuse

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