Gorman the first in East Texas to play lacrosse

TK Gorman Lacrosse

Ask them to describe it and you'll get a variety of answers.

"It is a mixture of hockey."
"The plays are like basketball"
"It has football in it."
"And soccer."
"You could compare it to polo."

Say hello to the sport of lacrosse.

Say hello to the one high school in East Texas that plays it at Bishop TK Gorman.

"We were like, 'cool, we have lacrosse.' We all knew what it was and we had been talking about it for a couple of years, but I really never thought it would happen while I was here," said Connor Hobbs, a Gorman sophomore. "So it is something new. It is going to be fun."

"It is a pretty cool thing to know that I was on the first lacrosse team and we are all part of the first lacrosse team in East Texas," said senior Lane Morse.

Much of the credit goes to Thomas Volatile, an orthopaedic surgeon at Trinity Mother Frances, who had played lacrosse in college.

He was approached by Gorman's athletic director to try and kick start a high school program.

"A lot of people have been surprised that we are doing this, I don't think that people ever thought this would happen," said Volatile. In reality, lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America and it has been for some time."

And in their first two weeks of practice, the growing sport, has shown the growing pains.

"It is pretty challenging at first, and then it gets easier and easier until you have it all in your head and it is just natural," said junior Drew Dunklin.

"Just the throwing and catching took us three weeks to get down and once you get that, it is fine," said Hobbs.

And while the growing pains of learning the new sport will pass, the memories of the first year of the new sport, won't.

"Now that we actually have a team and we are playing in a league, I hope other schools will pick up,  which I think they will, I have a feeling it will be a really big deal," said Morse, "So that will be really cool to come back to my homecoming in 10 years and see Crusader lacrosse team and say, 'I was on the very first one of that.'"

Because for at least one year, TK Gorman lacrosse, is the one and only in East Texas.

The Crusaders will play their first ever lacrosse game a week from Sunday.

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