Iranian monkeys in space?


Happy Monday, everyone! Hope the first day of your week is going well.

We really do have a story for you about a monkey in space...we're working on that and other stories for you this afternoon. Here's a look at just a few:

Well, Iran did announce today that it had successfully sent a monkey into space, describing it as another step toward Tehran's goal of manned space flight. We'll tell you how it went today during East Texas News at 4.

Also at 4, a video that made us cheer: a Miami Heat fan sinks an amazing basket worth thousands of dollars on Friday..his amazing shot on video for you, coming up!

Then at 5, we'll let you now more about a new fee that you may be charged if you use your credit card when traveling. It might just make you say "debit" instead of "credit" when the cashier asks the question!

Also, a business in Nacogdoches is offering 60 jobs for folks in the area; see if you qualify as we share the details at 5.

At 6, we'll tell you more about the hit-and-run accident that injured one woman and killed the driver of the motorcycle, Maxwell Kyle Hardin. The vehicle that fled the scene was said to be a white single-cab pickup. The pickup truck was last seen heading southbound on 726 from FM 1650 near Gilmer in Upshur County. More coming up.

Also, Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will join us at 4, 5, and 6 to fill us in on the next set of weather changes we'll be facing this week. I just consulted his forecast on our weather app to see which day this week I should get my car washed. I'm waiting until Wednesday. Find out why tonight!

If you'd like to catch our news online, we stream it live at this link. We're wherever you are! (We even have military folks overseas who tell us they watch us via the livestream! Happy to be here for y'all.)

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