Police Officer And Family Picking Up The Pieces After House Fire

Frankston police officer Ramey Stevens and his wife searched Wednesday for any remains of their belongings. Monday, a fire gutted the home while the Stevens were out of the house. Officials suspect it began in the home's electrical box.

Stacy Stevens said despite loosing her material possessions, she's happy her husband and 2 children are safe.

"We've lost everything," she said. "They've totaled everything out. We've been able to pull out a few mementos that we hope we will be able to clean up. But you know I've got a smile on my face because we're all safe."

The family's dog and two turtles survived the fire.

Fortunately, the Stevens did have insurance. If you would like to help them, donations can be made at the First State Bank of Frankston.

Story by Maya Golden