Woman Defends Herself Against Animal Cruelty Allegations

Last Friday, Brandy Redwine's home was raided by the SPCA and 74 animals were taken from the home. The move came after word from the Wills Point Police Department that animals were living in filthy conditions.

"You need to know all the facts before you judge," said Redwine.

SPCA officials called Friday's rescue mission one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they've seen in East Texas. They found 74 animals living in what they called horrible conditions. Dogs were covered in fleas and mangy, something Brandy Redwine defended.

"Fleas are bad but I have been dipping them," she said. "I have been doing the best I can."

The SPCA says they found blind and starving cats and dogs. There were ants in food and stagnant water in drinking pales. Redwine says she's not responsible for it. She says she had given responsibility of the animals to someone else while she was in the hospital for almost a month.

"I had paid somebody to take care of my animals which as we all know, didn't happen."

We contacted the woman Redwine said she hired. The woman denies those claims.  Redwine said she's also upset she didn't get a warning from police or SPCA officials.

"I should not have to warn someone, to take care of their animals," said Dave Garcia of the SPCA of Texas, last Friday. "If they're here to make money with them, then take care of them. Don't leave them in these conditions just to die."

Last Friday, the remains of dead birds were found, still locked inside cages. Wednesday, Redwine said the birds were not hers.

"I have no idea why they were there, they were not mine," she said. "I mean I have no comment on that because I don't have any birds."

However, she told a different story last week."

"I had gone to pick up my trailer and when I picked it up my birds were dead," she said on Friday. "Somebody was supposed to take care of them and they didn't."

The SPCA says Redwine could face two Class A misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty.
"As far as the charges," she said, "I will have my day in court and I'm not guilty."

A custody hearing on Thursday will determine if Brandy Redwine will regain custody of the animals or if they will remain with the SPCA.

If the SPCA is granted custody, the animals will be put up for adoption. This year, there have been five SPCA rescue missions in East Texas.

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com