Community helps family of wounded soldier

LINDEN, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas community rallies for a wounded solider who now lies in an army hospital, the victim of an IED.

20-year-old army specialist Casey Wacasey of Linden was the victim of an IED in Afghanistan on January 14th, losing his left leg. At Linden's VFW post 6968 practically the whole town turned out to help a family be with their wounded warrior son.

"He has made such a huge sacrifice for us I can not explain how strong my emotions are. The most strong willed person you'll ever met," says uncle Sam Wacasey.

"I was so upset, and the reason I was so upset was I couldn't get to him, and being a nurse for 36 years I know what trauma does to a body," says grandmother Barbara Murphy.

Townspeople arraigned the fundraiser, complete with silent auction and a bike run, to help the Casey's parents with the expense of traveling to Brooks army hospital for his long rehab.

"Everybody just wanting to do something to help Casey's just that kind of person that makes you want to. The funds raised here will be used for his mother and fathers transportation to see him , keep his spirits up," says aunt Amy Symonds.

Many support the effort because they know Casey, evident by the character something he said to his family.

"He said if losing his leg saved his buddies lives, it was worth it," Symonds says.

"This guy took time out of his life to go over there and do this so we can be free and this is the least we can do for him and his family," says event supporter Danny Doss.

His family says Casey will eventually be fitted with a prosthetic limb, and plans to stay in the army and continue serving his country.

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