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'Pets Fur People' new name for Humane Society of ETX

From Pets Fur People:

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Humane Society's service to East Texas.

We are repositioning the Humane Society by telling a different story and communicating a different message.  The Humane Society has changed its name to Pets Fur People…because love is a four legged word.  We are a ministry that brings joy by matching people with pets.  We exist to enrich the lives of human families with the unconditional love and therapeutic effect of pets.  Last year we were the matchmaker for some 800 families that adopted from us! 

Since 1968 the Humane Society of East Texas was the impoundment facility for all animals seized by Animal Control officers in Tyler, Smith County and 6 other municipalities.  During that time, 376,000 animals were received by the Humane Society.  69,000 animals were placed in adoptive homes.  Approximately 80% of the animals received were humanely euthanized.   As of January 2010, we became a selective admission, no kill animal sanctuary.  We are proud to claim that every animal under our care is safe from the threat of euthanasia for as long as it takes to find them an adoptive home.  Our focus now is to save lives and provide quality adoptions for these animals. 

There is no other no-kill animal shelter in East Texas!  We want to continue to make the future brighter for the homeless animals in East Texas.  Pet owners who can no longer take care of their companion animals trust us with their pets.   Every animal under our care is safe from the threat of euthanasia for as long as it takes to find them an adoptive home. 


After we accomplished our goal of becoming a selective admission, no-kill sanctuary, our next goal was to provide affordable spay and neuter services to the public.  In January of 2012, the Humane Society of East Texas began a partnership with Bullard Veterinary Medical Center called "Pets Make a Family" Partnership Spay/Neuter Project."  The goal of this project is to reduce pet overpopulation in our communities through spay/neuter services for the public who request lower costs for spay and neuter procedures and to promote the importance of continuing veterinary care for pets.  The clinic is located at the Humane Society's animal shelter in Tyler and is open to the public each Wednesday and Thursday.  To date, 850 dogs and cats have been spayed or neutered at our clinic.  The impact of this service is overwhelming when you understand that one female dog and her offspring in 6 years can produce 67,000 puppies.  One female cat and her offspring in 7 years can produce 420,000 kittens.   Our next goal was to provide veterinary services to the public at a reduced cost.  That goal was met in January of this year.   Clinic services are available to the public Tuesday mornings from 9 am until noon.  Appointments can be made online on the Humane Society's website at hsoet.org or by calling 903 526-5598.  

Many improvements and upgrades have been made recently at the Humane Society's animal sanctuary.  An empty dog kennel has been transformed into living quarters designed specifically for large dogs.  These large dogs had previously lived in deteriorating outdoor pens that were not safe for the animals or the customers.  These dogs had covered dog houses but were always exposed to the weather – during hot, cold and rainy weather.   Each pen was enlarged 3 times its original size to accommodate the dogs.  They now have large, spacious indoor/outdoor pens equipped with thick rubber floor mats on the inside of their pens to protect their legs and feet from stress and soreness from extended periods of time on concrete.  All have sling beds to lounge on which allows for cooler and warmer naps.  Three large exercise pens situated under large shade trees have been constructed for their daily enjoyment and exercise. 

The 18 deteriorated outdoor pens have been torn down and the area leveled with new top soil in preparation for the construction of a landscaped memorial park.  The park will include memorial pavers from pet owners who purchased the pavers to help with the construction costs of the renovations.  Additionally, sponsored memorial benches will adorn the park.

Plans are also under advisement to construct a public dog park in an under utilized area on the grounds which will provide dog lovers the opportunity to bring their dogs for exercise.  There currently is no public dog park in Tyler.   This dog park will bring more awareness for the Humane Society's animal sanctuary.

 Community involvement is very important to the Humane Society.  We have an on-going humane education program aimed at children kindergarten to 4th grade which teaches love and respect for animals.  Additionally, local senior facilities receive regular visits from Humane Society volunteers and Humane Society puppies to brighten their day.  The Humane Society has partnered with Meals on Wheels to provide food for the dogs and cats of shut-ins.  This program kicked off in December of 2012.

Plans are being cultivated to develop a partnership with Northshore Animal League – the largest no-kill facility in the United States.  The Humane Society will work with Northshore Animal League to rescue dogs from municipal animal shelters that are scheduled for euthanasia to be placed in homes in New York.  

 The Humane Society does not receive any funding from the City of Tyler, Smith County or any national Animal Welfare groups (HSUS, ASPCA).  Our mission is solely carried out through adoption fees (18%), fundraisers (42%) and private contributions (42%).   We need financial support from the public in order for us to continue our mission.  Donations are tax deductible.


The Humane Society of East Texas is a selective admission, life-sustaining animal sanctuary. Our mission is to provide a temporary haven for the animals in our care, until they find their forever families. We are committed to reduce and ultimately eliminate euthanasia as an acceptable method of population control for unwanted dogs and cats. We promote the positive results of spay/neuter programs to reduce dog and cat overpopulation, and pride ourselves in teaching responsible pet guardianship.


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