Are you ready for the weekend? We're here to help you kick it off...

Happy Friday, everybody!

We're working on all kinds of stories and are ready to share an array of interesting videos with you today. Here's some of what we're working on:

During East Texas News at 4, we'll tell you about a family who donated a large part of their lottery winnings to their town to help make improvements for their whole community. Generous folks! Also, we'll tell you about a little girl who started a project to collect toy bears for firefighters across her state to distribute to children whose homes have just burned down, to comfort them. And of course, Mark will be here to share weather updates and his "big weather stories" during this hour!

Then at 5,we're going to tell you the details we've dug up today regarding the earthquake that shook parts of ETX overnight last night. We spoke with local experts, and we'll tell you what they had to say about what might be the cause of these quakes.

We'll also tell you about Longview ISD's new "Parenting Partners Program" that will change how educators work with parents to make more successful students. Our Bob Hallmark will fill you in.

Then at 6, the Whitehouse Committee For Growth says they had 1,000 signatures in support of beer and wine sales in the city limits. They say 850 of those signatures were verified. More on that coming up.

And one of our favorite animal lovers, Gayle Helms, will tell us more about a big change at the Humane Society of East Texas. It'll be a lot of fun!

Here's the livestream link for you, just in case you prefer to watch from your computer.

We'll see you soon!

KLTV Web Producer