Why just 20 years?

When the jury in the Dr. Bobby Nichols murder case came back with a 20 year sentence, instead of what could have been 99 years to life, some trial watchers began wondering why they settled on the shorter end of the sentencing spectrum, especially after Nichols' riveting testimony of how he intentionally shot his wife, Rosalind.  As the reporter who covered the former dentist's trial from beginning to end, Melanie Torre is in a unique position to give perspective on the jury's decision.  She'll have a new report for you tonight at 10.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will have a new look at what's coming up in the weather as the weekend draws nearer.  He'll have a brand new forecast for you at 10.

Tonight at 10, you'll have a chance to see some amazing kids put their skills on display in a spectacular manner.  We will have a new report on the Fly Kids.  If you haven't seen this local dance troupe in action, you have been missing out.  Their moves and their story will inspire.