Nichols trial verdict, more info on Alto shooting, and a secret portrait of the Queen

Good afternoon, everyone! How's your Thursday going?

Ours is going great; we've been busy all day working to get you these stories and more:

First, we've been in court all day as the final arguments in retired dentist Bobby Nichols' trial were presented, and now the jury is deliberating. We'll update you the very minute we get word from our reporter in the courtroom. Stay with KLTV7 and for the best coverage in East Texas.

We've been keeping a live blog on the Nichols trial which you can read here.

Also, at 4 we'll tell you about a hidden portrait of the Queen of England which has been hidden away in England since the 1950s because the Queen didn't like the way one part of her body was depicted in the painting. Check that out coming up!

At 5, we'll have Dr. Ed Dominguez with us to discuss the results of two large surveys which found that women are now as likely to die from tobacco-related diseases as men. Join him for that.

At 6, we'll tell you about a case of vandalism in Whitehouse that occurred overnight, when someone slashed 14 tires around town. And we'll share more about the police officer-involved shooting that occurred yesterday in the town of Alto. Details are trickling out, and we'll tell you what we know tonight.

Join us here for the livestream if you're not near a tv this evening.

We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Web Producer