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At least 15 cars have tires slashed in Whitehouse


A rash of vandalism took the air out of the tires of at least fifteen vehicles in Whitehouse early Thursday morning.

According to Whitehouse Chief of Police Craig Shelton, most of the vehicles had two tires slashed and were parked on the street.

Gary Cook wasn't late for work this morning, but he was late getting home. His shift is from midnight to eight. Gary thought it was just a flat, but found the cut in his tire.

He had to borrow a tire iron and jack, and his boss loaned him a spare so he could get around.

"I had no problems before I got in to work, but after I got off I got a slash in my tire," Cook said.

Dwayne Cops at Tire Worx in Whitehouse changed out a punctured tire. He says the side of the tire can't be plugged.

"Not in the sidewalls. They can't be fixed because the gash is too big. If it was a smaller hole we could, but it's too big of a hole," Cops said.

Whitehouse Police are following up on leads and conducting interviews to try and find who is behind the vandalism.

The slashings occurred throughout the city.

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