Brush Ups: "Does It Work?"

Get that just-brushed feeling anytime, anywhere. That's the claim made by the makers of this week's "Does It Work?" product. They're called Brush-Ups. They're supposed to be able to go far beyond any breath mint or mouthwash strip, because they actually freshen your breath and clean your teeth. So we took them outside on the Tyler square after lunch one day, and put them to the "Does It Work?" test.

Brush-Ups are little finger-covers you stretch over your forefinger. They have a rippled surface and are packed with a toothpaste-like cleaning agent. They do not require water, toothpaste or rinsing.

We gave them to nine different people. Most really loved it. Many offered statements similar to this man's response after trying Brush-Ups. "When you're on the road, stop to each lunch, get back in the car and drive, probably be a pretty good thing to do," he said.

One lady who gave it a "maybe" had this to say. "It's good to have if you want fresh breath. I don't think it made that much difference for my teeth," she said.

So, we had eight "yes" vote and one "maybe." "Does It Work?" We give Brush-Ups a "yes."

Brush-Ups can be found anywhere they sell health & beauty supplies. We paid $2.50 for a package of 12.