Better East Texas: Gun Law Action

Another shooting on a campus, this time at a Texas college near Houston, has poured another bucket of gasoline on the debate on gun control.

It is not surprising that America is divided on the prospect of more gun-limiting legislation. I have learned a lot in researching the subject for this segment and I still have a lot to learn but it is obvious that Texans, in general, have little problem with the current firearm laws.

There is a general fear that the laws will get tougher as you only need to check out the crowds at gun shows or try to find certain types of ammunition. People are stocking up on ammo like it is bread and water before a snow storm.

But across the country the mood in many areas is decidedly different than in Texas.  Add to the mix, an apparent lack of compassion from the National Rifle Association and you have the setting for a change in laws.

The best thing gun owners can do, along with the NRA, is recognize that federal laws and regulations are going to change and then get out ahead and help steer any new legislation so as to preserve those liberties that are so important to gun owners.

Otherwise, there will be someone in Washington or New York pushing through legislation that will change gun laws for everyone. So if that rubs you wrong, get involved in a solution and that will make for a Better East Texas.