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Superintendent: 'We are praying for the Preciado family'


School buses dropped students off at their homes as usual, but the bus never stopped at the Preciado residence.

The family stood outside their home near the vigil of little Aria Liz Preciado, watching as the bus rounded the corner just as it did on Tuesday; the day witnesses said they watched the bus run over 16-month-old Aria.

"The people tried to stop the bus and the bus wouldn't stop. So, she apparently hit the child, but the mother didn't even know it," cried neighbor Teree Loveless. 

Loveless said Aria's mother, Patricia Preciado had walked out to the street to pick up her daughter from the bus, not knowing that little Aria had followed close behind.

"The neighbor went running, screaming and started beating on the bus trying to get it to stop because he had seen the little girl going like in front of the bus and they just took off," Loveless explained. 

Chapel Hill ISD's Superintendent Donni Cook said the bus was carrying students from Jackson Elementary School, the children ranging from pre-kindergarten to second grade. 

Cook said those children were transferred to another bus away from the scene. 

Juan Jacquez's daughter was on that bus when the accident happened.

"She said, 'I was in the back' and then you know, she just heard a noise and then her bus driver was just crying," Jacquez said. 

Cook said that teachers of students on the bus have been instructed to watch those students for signs of distress or agitation. She also said counselors across the district are prepared to offer their services to anyone in need. 

Cook said the bus driver is also a teacher and has been with the district nearly 25 years.

Chapel Hill ISD said they are following district procedures related to an accident involving transportation. The bus driver was given a drug test and has been suspended from driving a school bus pending the results of the test.  

The superintendent said it is standard procedure for drivers to be given a drug test following an accident. 

"We are so saddened for this sweet family and the loss that they're dealing with at this time. We just want to let them know that our thoughts and prayers are with them," Cook said. 

Prayers the Preciado family said are needed.

"I would give my life for her to get her back. I wouldn't think twice about it. I would just have her here, I would give my life for her, I would," cried Aria's mother.  

The Texas Department of Public Safety tell us this is an ongoing investigation.  So far, no charges have been filed. 

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