Sell Your Cell For Cash

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your cell phone? Can't live without it, But can't commit to it.

"I have about maybe 4 ."

"About 5. 5 or more."

"Probably got about 3 or 4."

More than 170 million people have cell phones in the us according to industry analysts. Most of us get a new one every 12 to 18 months. That adds up. Analysts say 30 million old, unused phones are just lying around homes across America collecting dust. So rather than stuff them in a drawer, why not sell then to this guy, James Mosieur.

"This phone would get about 50 dollars," he says.

He owns

"We decided we'd put together a way for people to get cash value out of their old cell phones," he explains.

Here's how it works. You log on to his web site, match your old phone to the picture or model number, and find out how much it's worth. This nokia is worth 10 bucks. This verizon camera phone is worth 60 bucks.

"We'll send a box with a prepaid label. You simply drop their phone in the box, reliable it, send it back to us, and about 30 - 45 days later we'll send a check," James explains.

"I could definitely deal with that."

"Great I'd be rich."

Once he gets your phone he refurbishes it and sells it to businesses overseas. He calls it a win-win situation. You make some cash .. And so does he.