Streets Of Speed: Construction Work Could Be Deadly

"They don't obey, they don't care," says construction worker Alfredo Aguilar.

One might say it's just a moment's inattention, but it's clear on Paluxy Drive in Tyler, some drivers just do not care about what these folks are doing feet away.

We clocked, first, a car going 63, right next to the construction workers.

"People come in too fast and we have to flag them down,"

Aguilar and his workers are working to make Paluxy wider -- to make the road safer. But several times they have almost become victims of others' inattention or their carelessness. Like when a truck came in way too fast.

"I was about [eight feet away], and we heard squealing wheels," he says of the crash that almost happened.

We found many cars doing ten over the speed limit, and even two drivers doing more than 70 miles per hour. The top speed was 74.

"We just try to stay out of the road. We're really scared of them even getting near the road."

Even being off the road isn't far enough. The vast majority of cars and trucks were going faster than the posted 45, and speeding in the work zone will get you a ticket for twice the normal fine. But the price these workers might pay for your speeding can't be measured.

"Slow down, obey the speed limit, look for the work on the side of the road," Aguilar urges.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.