"Camp Quality" Brings Joy And Fun To Kids Dealing With Cancer

Camp Quality is a camp held for children and their siblings dealing with cancer.
Some campers are still being treated for it, others are in remission.
With every splash in the lake, every smile and laugh that floats through the air, the kids at Camp Quality are having the time of their lives.
Tuesday was day three at camp and 16 kids are forgetting the cancer they constantly battle, and enjoying time with other who understand.
"It makes me feel more comfortable to be around others like me because they've experienced what I've gone through and everything," said 10-year-old Dakota. "Some people who just found out they can ask what it's like and everything. So it's pretty cool."
16-year-old Jaclyn is not only a camper but an inspiration to the younger kids.
"I feel that they should keep trying because you will get there," said Jaclyn. "I've been trying. I've gone from a wheelchair, to walking, to trying to run and I just want to push them because they can do so much more if they just try.
Tuesday, 8-year-old Kevin enjoyed his day on boating. Almost 5 years ago at a camp quality in Arkansas, Kevin's life was transformed by Michael Janusz.
"I started as a companion and I thought it was going to be a one time thing," said Michael. "Now I've gotten my own camp and I'm a father now."
Michael adopted Kevin in March. Kevin had been in and out of foster homes almost 9 times, all while battling a life threatening disease.
"Kevin has lukemia, he's in remission," said Michael. "He's been in remission now for 2 years."
For kids like Kevin, Jaclyn and Dakota, Camp Quality is their place in the sun.
"I see joy out of all these kids," said Michael. "I mean it's just joy all the way around. We made a lot of memories and a lot of miracles this week."

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com